Urban Meyer Joins Ohio State, Health Problems Gone?


So Urban Meyer is joining Ohio State as their new head football coach. This is after weeks of denying rumors that he was discussing joining them as coach, and only a short time after leaving the University of Florida in January 2011 due to “health concerns” and wanting to spend more time with family. I’m not sure why, but I feel like there is something more at play here. He wanted out of Florida for some reason and used health and family as a reason to do so.

Let’s not beat around the bush, this guy is an incredible coach. He has compiled records of  17-6 at Bowling Green, 22-2 at Utah and 65-15 at Florida. Those numbers are no joke and his career record of 104-23 (.819) and Bowl record of 7-1 (.875) is nothing to slouch at. He is probably going to become wildly successful at OSU within two years, but I just cannot fully believe that he left for health and family reasons. Nothing concrete has come out medically and all that they said was that he had stress and was neglecting his health. Yeah, that’s called being a big time college coach. Every coach has high stress and most of them neglect their health because they spend like 18 hours a day working and might not have time to hit the gym.

Also, if he wanted to spend time with family and get “healthy” again, why take a job almost immediately at ESPN? Why not spend the year with family and relax and vacation? Don’t tell me he needed the money either. He was getting paid handsomely at Florida and could have lived very comfortably without that ESPN paycheck. I have a feeling that some things are going to start leaking out one of these days. Whether it’s a Tim Tebow sex scandal, recruiting violations or something else, I have a gut feeling that Meyer left Florida for a reason. All things considered, he is back in his home state coaching the Buckeyes, which is his dream job. Maybe that was all part of his grand scheme, and if that’s the case, good for you Urban. All I know is that I think that there is some sort of underlying story here that we won’t know about for quite some time. Remember when this stuff comes out eventually, us here at SITB told you first! Leave some comments on what you think about Urban Meyer and if you think we are idiots for posing these questions.

On another note….Helloooooooo Urban Meyer’s daughter.

Stevie Johnson Charges It To The Swag

So the Bills lost yesterday and that made me sad, but at this point the season is pretty much a lost cause so I wanted to bring up some pretty noteworthy things that happened in yesterdays game. First of all, Stevie Johnson owned Darrelle Revis, arguably the best CB in the NFL. He had 8 catches for 75 yards and continuously got open on Revis with shifty, hard to dissect routes. He was reliable and resiliant all throughout the game, giving Fitz a target in a must win game for the Bills.

Which brings me to the two points I want to make about Stevie Johnson. The guy is fun and obviously loves what he is doing for a living. His celebrations and antics have been fun over the years and yesterday was not an exception. To any non-Jets fans his celebration yesterday was nothing short of gold. First, he pulls out the guns and fake shoots himself in the leg, poking fun at Plaxico Burress’ arrest two years ago. Then he punked the annoying and repetitive Santonio Holmes “Jet” TD celebration. Stevie did the patented “Jet” celebration and proceeded to crash and burn the jet, falling to the ground. That was awesome and funny and to Bob Costas and Dustin Keller and everybody else who took things way too seriously, calm down bro. Plax didn’t even care, he just took a nice jab at Stevie to the press in the post-game saying “I’ve seen worse, and I’ve heard worse, so, it doesn’t bother me at all. The result I’m looking at is we won the football game.” All of that netted Stevie a 15 yard penalty, which resulted in a bullshit kick by Dave Raynor, which led to a Jets touchdown that should have never happened had the ball been kicked off correctly. The penalty was dumb, yes. But that did not cost them the TD, the awful kick was. Maybe the celebration was too much, but by no means did it cost the Bills the game like Stevie and several media outlets have been saying.

But Stevie, after that gem of a celebration you went on to shoot yourself…again. You had one sure drop, and one potential drop that could have and should have won the game for the Bills. The first one was bad…real bad. Like on the level of his drop in the Steelers game last season bad. If he catches it, maybe he gets to the end zone, maybe he doesn’t, but a guy in a contract year who wants to be paid like a #1 receiver, NEEDS to make that catch. It is totally inexcusable to drop it. Now the guy is developing a reputation to drop the big catches blah blah. Maybe it’s a fair assumption that he just isn’t clutch and doesn’t have that killer instinct, but you still NEED to make that catch. I was watching it in my friends basement and there was a collective “WHAT THE F*CK! CATCH THE F*CKING BALL!” screamed by everyone in attendance.

Maybe it’s not the Bills year, but after the promising start and wins over the Patriots and Eagles, this year felt like it may have been different. But it wasn’t. Just another brutal year like 2008’s 5-1 start, that just gives you hope and promise and kicks you square in the face when it falls apart. In the end of it, I don’t have any problem with Stevie’s celebration, but I do have a problem how he didn’t finish the game. You celebrate like that in the first half, get a 15 yard penalty, you catch those balls at the end and you win the f*cking game for your team. End of story. Stevie Johnson charged it to the SWAG once again, for better or for worse.

Kristen Wiig, Hot or Not?

Kristen Wiig is an SNL veteran and is actually (in my opinion) one of the funniest female comedians out there. She actually makes me laugh. This past year saw Wiig blow the F up with her starring role in Bridesmaids, which although funny, wasn’t as good as every single female you asked about it said it was. But enough with this talk, this post is about whether or not Kristen Wiig is Hot or Not.

Now, the way I feel about Kristen is that sometimes she is cute, as evidenced in the picture above, but sometimes she is not, as evidenced by the picture below.

And I know this picture below is from SNL, but honestly I can’t get this image out of my head when deciding if she is hot or not…..

All in all, Kristen does have her moments where she is cute, and the fact that she is funny definitely helps. My vote is a tough one, but ultimately I’m going with a strong NOT vote on this one. Cute? Yes. Funny? Yes….Hot? NOT. Vote in the poll below.

Puss In Boots Leads Box Office For Two Consecutive Weeks

Entertainment Weekly: 11/06/2011

The cat is all right. In a surprise victory, DreamWorks Animation’s Puss in Boots led the box office for the second weekend in a row, grossing an estimated $33 million. That result nearly matched the movie’s $34.1 million debut last week, meaning that Puss dropped only 3 percent — the smallest second-weekend decline of any wide release this year. Families flocked to the PG-rated film on Saturday, resulting in a gargantuan Friday-to-Saturday increase of 94 percent. Clearly parents are hungry for entertainment options that the whole family can enjoy.

How sad is this? I understand that Hollywood has done nothing but churn out shit and recycled material in recent years, but this has got to be a new low. The Shrek series was mediocre at best. I will admit the first movie was pretty solid, good laughs with adult humor mixed in there. But then they went on and did Shrek 2, Shrek The Third and Shrek Four-ever After or whatever the hell it was called. Fine, fine, Dreamworks was kinda forced to make these because people loved Shrek. I get that much and that all Hollywood cares about now is making money, but this Puss In Boots nonsense is bad…really bad.

For the second consecutive week, Puss In Boots won the box office. With just over $34 million in its opening week, followed by $33 million in week two, Puss in Boots has now netted over $67 million in just two short weeks (*Total gross now over $75 million…yuck). There is little competition now, with duds like Tower Heist and A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas being the movies that opened this week which definitely helped Puss in Boots perform so well. But put it this way, a movie like Moneyball, widely regarded as a good movie, well acted, written, directed etc. made only $19 million in it’s opening week and has its total net just above $70 million. Puss in Boots is almost guaranteed to break the $100 million mark which makes me sick. I know shitty movies always crack $100 million but the a spinoff from the Shrek about a small, meaningless character is pushing it.

This all boils down to one thing: parents will bring their child(ren) to any movie rated PG or G no matter what it is about. Any kids movie is almost guaranteed to make money. Even if it is the worst, piece of shit movie out there, parents will suck it up pay $40 bucks for them and their annoying kids to have two hours of silence. If that disgrace of a movie Jack and Jill makes any sort of profit I might become physically ill. So who is to fault here, Hollywood for making these crappy movies continuously, or parents for taking their kids to any crappy movie just to get a few hours of peace and silence? Let us know in the comments. Also, I noticed that it has an 81% approval rating on RottenTomatoes.com…if I’m totally wrong on my opinion towards this movie please let me know.

Jessica Chastain, Hot or Not?

This girl is blowing up in 2011. Never acted professionally before 2004 and is now taking Hollywood by storm. She was in 8 different films that either came out in 2011 or were being shot in 2011. Eight. In one year. That shit cray. And three of those movies were pretty big time, including The Debt, The Help and The Tree of Life. An impressive year even if you weren’t a fan of any of these movies. Now to the point of the post, is she hot or not? Not too sure on this one and have been stewing over it for quite some time. A hot redhead actress is not something you see very often these days and Chastain certainly has her moments. Sometimes she is looking fly sometimes not so much.

Jessica is definitely pretty but in keeping up with my standards for these hot or not posts, I’m really on the fence with her. For the sheer fact that there are so few hot redhead actresses in Hollywood today and Jessica is more often than not looking pretty good in my books, I’m going to give her the HOT vote! This was probably my toughest vote to date, and my opinion changes on her by the hour, but right now she is getting the HOT vote of confidence. Now lets see what all the loyal SITB readers have to say! Vote below, Jessica Chastain, hot or not?


Rant About Stupid Sports Fans

Fans, we apologize that our blog has been defunct for quite some time now. Life came in and shit got busy around these parts, but we’re back and although posts won’t be going up as frequently as they were in the past, we’ll try to do what we can. This is more of a random post, but it is about something that has bothered me for years and I have never really said anything about it. Here goes, feel free to comment and tell me if it sucks or I’m an idiot or you disagree.

I was watching the Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets game yesterday. The game sucked but that’s besides the point. After a touchdown the scoring player ran towards the crowd and they showed a shot of the fans. There, sitting no more than three rows from the field was some douche in a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey and hat. This sounds like something that is just petty and stupid to complain about but it is one of the most annoying things to see. Even if you don’t have a loyalty to the home team and are just an NFL fan, it has to bother you just a little bit. Why would some guy feel the need to just get decked out in a team’s gear that has no relevance to this game being played. Like clockwork, you can count on it happening at almost every game of any sport you go to. Like bro, we get it you like the Steelers, but don’t wear their shit to a game that has nothing to do with them.

You know what I’m talking about. This is not singled out for Buffalo Bills home games, or even NFL games for that matter. You can go to a Yankees vs. Orioles game at Yankee Stadium in May and you are guaranteed to see at least one or two assholes wearing a Red Sox hat or hoodie just to be different, and make a statement. I hate these people more than I can explain in a simple blog post. I have no issue with there being fans of the opposing team being there and supporting their team and wearing jerseys/hats/hoodies…whatever. That is expected. I have done it multiple times and so probably have you. Do that and enjoy watching your team. But don’t be an asshole wearing a Peyton Manning jersey to a Giants vs. Redskins game and don’t be a douche wearing a Chase Utley jersey to a Mets vs. Nationals game. By all means, be a fan of your team and love them and cheer for them, just do it when and where they are playing. Don’t try to be cool and make a statement by wearing a random jersey for the sole purpose of getting a reaction from every other person in the stadium. They don’t think you are cool, or original or trendy. They think you suck.

P.S. On a similar and related note, please also don’t be like this guy below. This guy is the worst of the worst. He wore a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey to a Cleveland Indians game following “The Decision” and the only reason you do that is to piss people off.  These fans are already miserable enough. Cleveland sports fans are dedicated, loyal, and put up with their teams sucking. Don’t be this guy. And don’t pretend you live in Cleveland and were just a LeBron fan, not a Cavs fan.

Sorry if this was poorly written and pointless, something just needed to be said.