What’s Next for the Batman Series?

Finally the day has come. The Dark Knight rises is here.  Upon posting this question, we still haven’t seen the movie yet, but we’re just as excited as everyone else.  The final question: What’s next for the Batman franchise?

There’s a lot of speculation on what the future holds for the Batman series.  Will this be the end of the Dark Knight adaptation created by Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale? At this moment no one has any deals signed to continue and make any more films.  It doesn’t mean it’s not possible either.  Our 1st question of the week involved Joseph Gordon Levitt and the role he’ll have in this movie.  There are some theories out there saying he may be the next Batman. We also talked about the possibility of Batman dying, so is JGL the obvious replacement.  Will he play Robin in the future?   If that is the case; will it be directed by Christopher Nolan, or will we see a whole now reboot and series started up?  I’m also excited to see if they leave any hints as to the future.  Three movies is enough, don’t get me wrong.  I do want to see more villains though.  Imagine The Riddler, but he’s a more sociopathic version, darker, more mysterious and less goofy, like the bad guy from Saw.  How about Penguin and Mr. Freeze, can we expect to see them in the future?

People obviously liked these versions of Batman better than the over the top comic book versions Joel Schumaker directed.  If they continue to make them, people will go.  Keep any eye out for clues, hints or any tidbits too see where it goes from here.  Either way it’s not the end of Batman all together.  It’s one of the most beloved comic books and series in American culture.  It’s more  matter of time and if we have to wait ten years for a whole new reboot and series to start up.

Question #2: Will Batman Win?

Our countdown to the Dark Knight Rises continues. Today’s question: Will Batman Win?

Four years ago the Dark Knight captivated audiences with tremendous acting and an excellent story.  It had so many great moments that most people forget that it didn’t end like your normal comic book movie. In the end, Batman doesn’t get the girl and he doesn’t have a new found confidence in the people of Gotham. Instead, he is forced into exile after taking responsibility for the murders committed by Harvey Dent. Not exactly a victory for the caped crusader. It was the perfect ending for a sequel because it kept the audience wanting more. The Dark Knight’s ending was anything but happy. But that worked for the second act in a trilogy. The Empire Strikes Back had the same effect on its audience. When you’re building towards a bigger thing, it’s perfectly normal to end a movie with main protagonist coming out defeated.  The question remains will Batman’s defeat in the Dark Knight lead to an ultimate victory in the Dark Knight Rises? One would think so. After all, how many trilogies can you name that didn’t end with a solid win for the good guys? As much as we should expect a triumph for Batman there is one adversary standing in his way. No, it’s not Bane or Catwoman. It’s the one man who has the final say on the ultimate fate of Batman. That man is the director of the Dark Knight series Christopher Nolan.  He is a director has no issues taking chances if the story justifies it. The ambiguous ending of his 2010 film Inception left people tearing their hair out.  Will Christopher Nolan’s seemingly irresistible urge to do things differently threaten the life of Batman? Or will good prevail over evil as it always has in the world of trilogies? We’ll find out tomorrow.

Question #3: How Will Bane Compare Among Past Batman Villains?

We’re halfway through The Dark Knight Rises week, and it’s time to reveal question #3 leading up to the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  How will Bane compare among previous Batman villains?

Well certainly Heath Ledger as the Joker set the standard pretty high.  Not only for Batman movies, but for movie villains in general.  Bane, although not as famous of a nemesis as Joker, The Riddler or Penguin is still pretty bad ass in his own right.  Played by another English actor, Tom Hardy, is certainly gaining notoriety in Hollywood racking up various roles recently in all different types of movies like Inception, Warrior and This Means War.  Bane is a lifelong inmate who serves the life sentence of his father.  While in prison he becomes very strong as a test subject  for an experimental venom he must receive every 12 hours in order to maintain his strength.

There certainly is a huge contrast between this Bane and the one we saw in 1997 release, Batman and Robin.  This Bane is a lead role instead of a goofy sidekick to Poison Ivy.  From the trailers and certain speculation he appears to give Batman a serious run for his money.  Not only does he lead what looks  to be a huge uprising in Gotham he also pushes Batman to the brink of mercy.   There are even some rumors leading fans to believe he is finally the one to kill Batman by breaking his back at the end of the movie.  We’ll find out on Friday where he ranks among the film versions of Batman villains, and if he’s the one to finally defeat the man in the black cape.

Question #4: What Role Can We Expect Selina Kyle/Catwoman To Play?

With the premiere of the newest Batman just days away, Philm Critics has decided to countdown to the big day by asking the 5 most interesting questions surrounding the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. Questions that may or may not be answered in the epic conclusion known as The Dark Knight Rises.

Question #4

What Role Can We Expect Selina Kyle/Catwoman To Play?

TM & © DC Comics

Throughout Batman’s history, the character of Selina Kyle has been one of the most intriguing, yet mysterious relationships that Bruce Wayne/Batman has had. The character actually made its debut in the Batman universe in the first ever comic book, Batman #1 (if you have a copy and you’re feeling generous, I know a few nerds at Philm Critics would would gladly accept the donation). Judging by all the pre-release hype and the trailers it looks like Anne Hathaway’s rendition of the legendary villain will be an interesting take on Catwoman. Will she assist Bane in his plan to destroy Gotham? Will she have a romantic interest with Bruce Wayne? Will she help Batman on his quest to stop Bane? Honestly, it will probably be a combination of all of  these, but the biggest question is what side will Selina/Catwoman lean towards in the end? Yet another question we will have to wait to get answered on Friday!

P.S. Can’t say we aren’t excited to see Anne Hathaway in that leather suit in IMAX!

TM & © DC Comics

Question #5: How big of a role will Joseph Gordon Levitt play in the Dark Knight Rises?

TOP 5 Questions Leading up to the Dark Knight Rises

With the premiere of the newest Batman just 5 days away, Philm Critics has decided to countdown to the big day by asking the 5 most interesting questions surrounding the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. Questions that may or may not be answered in the epic conclusion known as The Dark Knight Rises.

Question # 5

How big of a role will Joseph Gordon Levitt play in the Dark Knight Rises?

When the news broke Joseph Gordon Levitt would be involved in the Dark Knight Rises many questions arose as to how big of an impact he would have on the Batman character, and the series in general.  When we found out he would be a character completely new to Batman the questions seemed to multiply. JGL will be playing the role of John Blake; a young Gotham City police officer who at this point has only existed in the Christopher Nolan Batman universe.  The ambiguity of his character, and JGL’s prevalent appearances in almost every trailer  released has set off a firestorm of speculation. Some people are even going as far as suggesting he will be the next Batman.  Something that has obviously not been confirmed, and could just be a common case of over hype by the internet blogosphere. Whether you like Joseph Gordon Levitt or not, one cannot deny the mystery surrounding the John Blake character has added a great deal of anticipation to an already highly awaited film.


Philmcast July 10, 2012

Our second philmcast is complete and posted.  We review a few films we saw in theaters recently including; The Amazing Spiderman, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.  Also, we look ahead to The Dark Knight Rises coming out at the end of this week.

It’s also Dark Knight Rises week, where we will dedicate every day to a post about The Dark Knight and answer a few questions we have about the series.  SO STAY TUNED!

Colin Quinn’s Long Story Short Rules!

If you like comedy and really appreciate good standup comedy you have to check out Colin Quinn’s special, Long Story Short. In my opinion it is the best stand up special ever.  I didn’t say funniest.  I said best.  Don’t be fooled, it’s really really funny.  if you’re comparing it to Louis CK, Chris Rock, Seinfeld or even Eddie Murphy then you’re not gonna laugh as much.  At least not the womb busting laughs those give you.  Instead, Long Story Short, is more about quality writing and unique perspective.  I don’t want to say it’s for those more intelligent or it’s beyond low brow humor.  I don’t think I’m that pretentious.  I subscribe to the age old belief that “Fart equals Funny.”  This standup is different .  It’s not all dick and ball jokes, racial jokes or common observation.  It dives deeper than that.  It compares the history of the world to the human condition and nature of people.  I highly suggest buying it here http://www.amazon.com/Quinn-Colin-Long-Story-Short/dp/B005MRMF2M.  Here is a clip from youtube to give you a taste.