Mark Sanchez is a Loser

Alright, I have a question for you guys? If you were the “star” of one of New York’s currently most successful professional franchises, were remotely good looking (no homo), and were like 23 or however old he is, would you go messing around with 17 year olds? I don’t care how hot this 17 year old is, in this day in age almost everything gets out in the press, whether through a reporter or a blog almost everything becomes public. Especially when he can literally get with almost any attractive woman in the tri-state area, why fuck around with a 17 year old?? Makes NO sense!

By now you should know I’m talking about Mark Sanchez. This report on sort of chronicles what led to the accusations that Sanchez potentially will have coming towards him. They did a good job looking into how this has blossomed from a New Years Eve encounter at a club to a potential sex scandal. Check out what Deadspin has to say and we’ll just have to see how this story develops over time. Leave comments on what you think about this clown and if you think he will ever lead his team to a championship or if he’s overrated with a noodle arm and is saved by the defense and his weapons on offense. I know one of the writers here on SITB is a Jets fan so he will probably have something to say about this, but thats besides the point. He can’t dispute the fact that his teams QB messed up with this move…