Classic Clip of the Day: I Love You Man

I Love You Man has quickly become one of my favorite comedies, not only in recent years but of all time. The whole movie is straight gold, and Jason Segal and Paul Rudd put on some of their best performances. It has so many great one liners and awkward Paul Rudd moments, making it one of the most re-watchable comedies in recent years.

There are countless clips that could have been used for the CCOTD, but this one is really funny and since I love Rush, I chose this one. Paul Rudd’s at his finest and just jamming out to some Limelight. Not much else to say other than this scene, this movie and Rush rule. And if you haven’t watched I Love You Man in a while, you should probably get on that.

Side note, how awesome is this picture:

Classic Clip of the Day: Rocky IV

Continuing with today’s movies motif, we can bring the classic clip of the day back to the forefront. I got lazy and this was the first thing that popped into my head so here it is, the infamous Rocky IV montage. I don’t care what anybody says, this is clearly the best Rocky movie of all time. Don’t give me that nonsense about the original being the best because it is flat out not true. Rocky IV gets you going every single time and you are going to watch at least a few minutes of it every time you stumble across it on TV. I also am one of the many individuals who believe that his movie helped end the Cold War.

The music, Stallone, the dirty Communist Drago, Rocky running with logs in the wilderness, Ivan Drago shooting steroids while working out with mysterious machines. This video has it all. Even the young fox Brigette Neilson makes an appearance. Plain and simple if you don’t like this video and you don’t like America you can get out.

Classic Clip of the Day: Spaceballs

This movie is unbelievable. I watched it so many times as a kid I can almost recite the movie from start to finish. Mel Brooks is a comedic genius and he does not miss a beat with Spaceballs. The movie is so great on so many different levels, and although it is funnier if you have knowledge of Star Wars and/or Star Trek, it still can be funny to people who are not. This scene is a classic and is when President Skroob instructs Dark Helmet to comb the desert in their search for Princess Vespa. As you will soon see, Dark Helmet takes that order a bit literally in one of the best scenes of the movie. Enjoy SITB’ers and have a fuckin great weekend!

Classic Clip of the Day: Black Sheep

So sorry for a slow day here at SITB, playoff hockey has gotten everything in a jumble over here. With that being said, here is the CCOTD, a beauty if I may say so myself. This movie does not get nearly as much credit as is deserved. In my opinion this movie rivals Tommy Boy, and although it is not AS good as Tommy Boy, Black Sheep is close. It involves Richard, David Spade’s character, mocking Mike Donnelly, Chris Farley’s character for calling dibs on the top bunk in the cabin. Mike was all pumped to get the top bunk and some inclement weather quickly made the night take a turn for the worse. Long story short it began hailing/raining/snowing through a hole where the roof used to be and it quickly becomes ugly. Chris Farley fuckin rules and so does Black Sheep, enjoy the clip!

Classic Clip of the Day: Reservoir Dogs

This was a request from a few weeks back from Dommy Mozz. The kid loves Reservoir Dogs and I can’t blame him. Mozz even bought the Reservoir Dogs video game back when PS2 was still cool and was fuckin glued to the game for days until he beat it. Anyways it’s a really good movie and the dialogue in this scene is amazing. All of the characters going back and forth because Mr. Pink doesn’t want to shell out a few bucks for a tip. Steve Buscemi rules and is a pretty overlooked actor over the past 20 years. He has been in classic after classic and seems to be ignored in any discussion of great actors from his generation. His resume includes classics like Reservoir Dogs, The Big Lebowski, Fargo, Armageddon (which I love, fuck you if you don’t its awesome), Monsters Inc., Con Air, Mr. Deeds, Big Daddy, Airheads and many others. He even has/had roles in two great series on HBO in The Soprano’s and Boardwalk Empire. Hell, we could do a CCOTD for Steve Buscemi movies and be good for like 2 fuckin weeks! Sorry this turned into a sort of Steve Buscemi appreciation post, but the guy deserves more credit. Enjoy the clip, and as always please leave some feedback and suggestions for future CCOTD’s.

Classic Clip of the Day: The Break Up

In my opinion, The Break Up is a pretty underrated movie that can appeal to the masses. If you want to call this a romantic comedy, it can be enjoyed by woman and in this case men without having the men be ashamed. It has a great cast and Vince Vaughn sums up being in a frustrating relationship perfectly. That is what is so great about this movie is that the male viewers are 99% going to agree with Vince Vaughn and his point of view and the female viewers are 100% going to agree with Jen Aniston’s point of view. Hopefully you are not in the 1% of the male demographic that wouldn’t side with Vince Vaughn because then you most likely won’t enjoy this scene. I think this is one of the best scenes in the movie and it is hilarious how real this scene is. Enjoy it, and as always please leave comments, suggestions and pass the blog on to your friends.

Classic Clip of the Day: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

This comedy just does not get old. It continues to get good laughs with every time I re-watch it, which coincidentally is pretty frequent. The bathroom scene when Austin, or should I say Richie Cunningham,  is in the casino is a great part of the movie. From the constant flirtation with Miss Alotta Fagina to the scene in the bathroom, this segment of the movie just brings the heat. The poop jokes are priceless and it makes for one of the best scenes in the movie. I don’t know what else to say other than check out the scene for yourself and relive part of your childhood if you haven’t watched this classic in a while.

Alternate Classic Clip of the Day

So Tommy Bootz took it into his own hands to drop the CCOTD early in the day. Now it was a great CCOTD, an awesome scene from one of my favorite movies, but I know you guys want another CCOTD for the end of the work day. We got the movie scene covered today and I don’t wanna take any of Tommy Bootz or Pulp Fiction so I decided to bring this clip back to the forefront. A great interview from the old American Gladiators show with a recently injured Malibu recapping his road to recovery. Just a wonderful guy giving an honest, funny interview. Check it out and let us know what you think about it and how much of a man Malibu.


Classic Clip of the Day: Pulp Fiction

EASILY one of my(bootz) favorite movies of all time, if not the favorite. For damn sure in the top 5. This clip is to commemorate Friday, the best day of the week. Hopefully you shoot someone in the face tonight while sitting next to Samuel L. Jackson. Hopefully it’s Phil Lamar also.

Classic Clip(s) of the Day: Caddyshack

So in honor of the opening day of The Masters, Mozz requested that we pay homage to one of the greatest comedies of all time: Caddyshack. One of the best story telling scenes that come to mind is when Bill Murray tells the Dalai Lama story. I don’t need to say anything else about that because you should all know how great that scene is. This is quite possibly the best role of Murray’s career and I do think he is better in Caddyshack than in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 and that is really saying something. Some may disagree, but thats just how I feel. Carl is a great character, and very unique, there really hasn’t been anyone like him since.

Judge Smails

I also wanted to include this clip of Rodney Dangerfield as Al Czervik. Such an incredible comedian and he played the part perfectly. The obnoxious tendencies and the loud mouth were a perfect part to irk Judge Smails. Here is one of his scenes when him and his yacht, “Sea Food” cause some havoc. Like yesterdays CCOTD, there are literally countless scenes that we could have included for today, but these are two of my personal favorites and don’t be shocked if you see some other classic Caddyshack scenes for a CCOTD in the future.