Urban Meyer Joins Ohio State, Health Problems Gone?


So Urban Meyer is joining Ohio State as their new head football coach. This is after weeks of denying rumors that he was discussing joining them as coach, and only a short time after leaving the University of Florida in January 2011 due to “health concerns” and wanting to spend more time with family. I’m not sure why, but I feel like there is something more at play here. He wanted out of Florida for some reason and used health and family as a reason to do so.

Let’s not beat around the bush, this guy is an incredible coach. He has compiled records of  17-6 at Bowling Green, 22-2 at Utah and 65-15 at Florida. Those numbers are no joke and his career record of 104-23 (.819) and Bowl record of 7-1 (.875) is nothing to slouch at. He is probably going to become wildly successful at OSU within two years, but I just cannot fully believe that he left for health and family reasons. Nothing concrete has come out medically and all that they said was that he had stress and was neglecting his health. Yeah, that’s called being a big time college coach. Every coach has high stress and most of them neglect their health because they spend like 18 hours a day working and might not have time to hit the gym.

Also, if he wanted to spend time with family and get “healthy” again, why take a job almost immediately at ESPN? Why not spend the year with family and relax and vacation? Don’t tell me he needed the money either. He was getting paid handsomely at Florida and could have lived very comfortably without that ESPN paycheck. I have a feeling that some things are going to start leaking out one of these days. Whether it’s a Tim Tebow sex scandal, recruiting violations or something else, I have a gut feeling that Meyer left Florida for a reason. All things considered, he is back in his home state coaching the Buckeyes, which is his dream job. Maybe that was all part of his grand scheme, and if that’s the case, good for you Urban. All I know is that I think that there is some sort of underlying story here that we won’t know about for quite some time. Remember when this stuff comes out eventually, us here at SITB told you first! Leave some comments on what you think about Urban Meyer and if you think we are idiots for posing these questions.

On another note….Helloooooooo Urban Meyer’s daughter.