Hot or Not? Fergie


Fergie is literally a girl who can show up on either side of the spectrum on any given day. Like one day, she can pass as one of the most gorgeous entertainers out there, just lights out knock em dead hot as seen in the picture above. The next day she can show up looking brutal, the type of girl you don’t make eye contact with for fear of her coming over and talking to you. The picture below exemplifies that, like how are those two pictures the same woman? I know makeup is a hell of a thing, but these two just look like two different woman! It’s wild. Then there is the whole pants peeing episode when it was pretty clear she had an accident while on stage, that is so revolting and it is hard for me to get that image and thought out of my head when voting on whether Fergie is hot or not. It is her pure inconsistency and pants peeing antics that have led me to vote Fergie as NOT! Some people are going to be mad at me for this one but that is what the poll is for, go and vote and let us know what you think!

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 12: A Song From a Band You Hate

Mayers Day 12: A Song From a Band You Hate

I know this choice is going to get a few members of the SITB community fired up (mainly Mozz and frequent SITB reader Big Daddy Demers). I cannot stand Pearl Jam. It gets to the point where I hear them and begin to get in a bad mood. I understand they are talented and deserve to be respected, but I just cannot stand the band or the song, and really do not like Eddie Vedder’s voice. Whatever, if you disagree with me then so bet it, but I just hate Pearl Jam and I HATE the song Even Flow.

Celebrity UFO Sightings

Read the whole story here from

Let’s just go ahead and say that literally none of these names shock me. It’s quite a motley crew of celebs that have said they have experienced encounters with a UFO of some sort. The list from includes Olivia Newton-John, Sammy Hagar, Shirley MacLaine, Congressmen Dennis Kucinich, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali, Walter Cronkite, Jimmy Carter, and Elvis Presley. I mean don’t get me wrong, I think there are some UFO’s or aliens out there, the universe is too fuckin big for us to be alone. I have watched enough Discovery channel to believe other wise, UFO Hunter’s is a nutty show and can brainwash even the biggest cynic into believing.

What gets me about this list is that literally everyone has an explanation. The rockstars are easy, they are/were so fucked up on drugs it is incomprehensible. Mick, Sammy Hagar, John Lennon, and Elvis were stoned on 3+ drugs at any given time, so them seeing and bugging out about UFO’s is clearly going to happen over several years of heavy drug use. My favorite out of them is Mick who made sure to have a permanent UFO Detector installed in his home after he had some wacky UFO experiences on a camping trip and was convinced he was being followed around. Mick rules. Muhammad Ali is clear, the constant abuse to the head over the decades in boxing leads to seeing shit, like lights flashing in your vision, which coincidentally could look a lot like a flashing UFO in the sky. And the Politicians are just crazy, that’s my only explanation to that. Who knows, I mean I believe in aliens and stuff, I think? What do you guys think and what do you think of this list of celebs? True or full of shit and on drugs?

If aliens exist, I hope they look like this guy...

and not like this guy.

Hot or Not? Kesha

What does everyone think about Kesha (or is it Ke$ha)? She’s a fuckin weird one huh? Just a very strange girl, I’m not really sure what type of person she is, but she just seems like a straight up goon with her music and stage antics. I went to Bamboozle and she played both days, and each day there was a massive crowd going absolutely nuts over her, I couldn’t figure it out. I’m not gonna lie, some of her stuff is pretty catchy (Dommy Mozz could sing you every word of Tik Tok and not be ashamed of it). She seems kinda hot in some pictures and could potentially be a freak, but I’m just not having it with Kesha, she’s getting the NOT vote from me.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 11, A Song From Your Favorite Band

Mayers, Day 11: A Song From Your Favorite Band

Bouncing Souls are my favorite band and I already used my favorite song, so I had to pick another. Highway Kings is such a great song and I decided to go with that one. It’s a good song and I really like the lyrics and everything about it, and it’s under 2 minutes long and it’s in your face the whole time.

Childish Gambino is the Next Big Thing in Rap

I don’t know if this post is too late, but I don’t really care. It is not very often where a rapper can make me stop listening to a lot of other music and just listen to his stuff. I first heard of Childish Gambino maybe a month or so ago, and never really thought much of him. Then more recently I began to listen to some of his songs and got some of his mixtapes. Let me tell you, if you haven’t listened to him yet you are missing out. He is amazing, some of his lyrics seem funny at times but just take it for what it is and you will enjoy it. For those that do not know, Childish Gambino is actor Donald Glover’s rap name. Donald Glover is the actor who plays Troy in the NBS series Community (which is awesome, and if you don’t watch it you’re an idiot). It is clear he is one of the most talented up and comers in the entertainment industry, because not only is he hilarious in Community, he is an awesome rapper, but he also writes for 30 Rock and some Community episodes. The guy does it all! He got his start on the comedy website Derrick Comedy, and really began being noticed in the now famed “Bro Rape” video which is still funny to this day. If you haven’t seen Bro Rape which is extremely unlikely check it out here.  They even produced a movie Mystery Team in 2009 which was supposedly really good. But for all of you who haven’t heard Childish Gambino spit rhymes check out the two videos posted here, two of my favorites, and if you like them leave some feedback and download some of his other stuff.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 10, A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

Mayers, Day 10: A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

Next Exit byInterpol is a song that helps me fall asleep. As a matter of fact, almost any Interpol is good music to fall asleep to. Never gets too loud or hard at times, just nice calm music. The whole album Antics is great. I don’t really know what else to say about this, so just check out the song and Interpol and enjoy.

30 Day Song Challenge Day 9: A Song You Can Dance To

Mayers, Day 9: A Song You Can Dance To

David Bowie: Let’s Dance. Now I’m not a big dancer, never have been, maybe never will be (except for certain situations where you just have to). But this song rules and just makes you want to get up and start grooving, plus Bowie is the absolute man! If you don’t dig Bowie or this song than you don’t have a pulse.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 8, A Song That You Know All The Words To

Mayers, Day 8: A Song That You Know All The Words To

Brand New’s “Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t” just brings it from start to finish. This song is great, by one of my favorite bands and even though the beginning is slow, the buildup gets you going every time and it is hard not to sing a long with this one. Sorry this one is a day late, tough to get one posted yesterday so we’re going to have to double up on the 30 day song challenge posts today. Enjoy!