Inherent Vice

imagesLove. Greed. Deception. A real Billy Mumphry story if I’ve ever seen one. Sitting here sipping cranberry juice while reflecting on this most recent movie I’ve seen in theaters (Inherent Vice), I don’t know if I could accurately say what it’s about. A brief plot summary is as follows; a 70s-ish era stoner who also happens to be a private investigator stumbles into a big story involving his ex girlfriend and several big time players from the same era in LA. However, it took well into the movie for me to realize this. Between the narrator (who may or may not have been in the movie), the random scenes that seemingly had nothing to do with the plot, and the general filming method that often resulted in conversation being misunderstood or not heard at all, I think this movie would have to be considered “artsy.” For my two cents I’d also chime in that 2 and a half hours was way longer than this movie needed to be, but it’s hard to find anything shorter these days I guess. I’ll give this a solid 6.7 on the Eimer scale. Don’t bring the kids though, excessive drug use, some nudity, and some violence/cursing.