Jessica Chastain, Hot or Not?

This girl is blowing up in 2011. Never acted professionally before 2004 and is now taking Hollywood by storm. She was in 8 different films that either came out in 2011 or were being shot in 2011. Eight. In one year. That shit cray. And three of those movies were pretty big time, including The Debt, The Help and The Tree of Life. An impressive year even if you weren’t a fan of any of these movies. Now to the point of the post, is she hot or not? Not too sure on this one and have been stewing over it for quite some time. A hot redhead actress is not something you see very often these days and Chastain certainly has her moments. Sometimes she is looking fly sometimes not so much.

Jessica is definitely pretty but in keeping up with my standards for these hot or not posts, I’m really on the fence with her. For the sheer fact that there are so few hot redhead actresses in Hollywood today and Jessica is more often than not looking pretty good in my books, I’m going to give her the HOT vote! This was probably my toughest vote to date, and my opinion changes on her by the hour, but right now she is getting the HOT vote of confidence. Now lets see what all the loyal SITB readers have to say! Vote below, Jessica Chastain, hot or not?