Well that went well, New York. At least the Rangers had the decency to win a game, thankfully in their own building.

I knew this wasn’t going to be 1994 all over again, and I’m sure every rational human being could agree, but this was kind of embarrassing. I honestly thought the Blueshirts could have won this series (Before Ryan Cally died). As as for the Knickerbockers, well those first 2 games destroyed morale. I mean just took a dump right on your dads chest kind of low. I expected the Knicks to get at least 2 wins, not 0. Fucking bums.

I am going to root for the Heat now in the NBA because I win 50 bucks from a friend if they win, as for Hockey, I really could care less now that the Rangers are out. I might as well root for the Sabres I guess, but I’d rather just keep my pursuit for Emma going the continue to care for Hockey.

Madison Square Garden Tenants, be ashamed. I sure as shit am.

I fell in love last night watching Conan.

This is an actress named Emma Roberts. I, for some reason never heard of her, or seen her. She’s in the new scream movie and I may have to see it now, solely because of her, (hopefully she dies in like the first 7-15 minutes so i can jet out of there before I’m forced to see David Arquette talk for more than 5 lines of dialogue )

When I was watching Conan last night, I barely payed attention to what they were talking about because I was crying to the thought of how perfect our lives would be after Emma and I wed. We’d put the Royal Wedding to shame!

So Emma, what are your thoughts on getting serious with a Film Student/Bad Blogger/ Bad Waiter? I’m a winner.

(Emma inspired me to add a new category to the SITB family, Things Tom Loves)

Vote 1 for Tom should stick to the Staten Island cesspool of women   5 for Tom and Emma will live happily ever after.


Well it’s not documented unless you ask my bookie, but so far Mozz is 9 for 10 on playoff picks. The only one I missed was the Blazers game. They couldn’t cover the 5 points for me. I’ve picked every other spread right and hit the nuggets over last night. Also hit the Memphis money line. But now I’m just bragging.

Tonights lock. Since I already picked the heat game correctly, assuming the 6ers don’t come back.

The Indiana Pacers. +12 in the playoffs after a very near win in game one. This has to be a lock. I expect a nice low scoring game.(I’d take the under too) Probably to be taken over be D. Rose in the 4th. just another day at the office for the soon to be MVP. but no way they win by 12

Book it.

Mozz’s next commish check Pacers +12

Your welcome

Hot or Not? Fergie


Fergie is literally a girl who can show up on either side of the spectrum on any given day. Like one day, she can pass as one of the most gorgeous entertainers out there, just lights out knock em dead hot as seen in the picture above. The next day she can show up looking brutal, the type of girl you don’t make eye contact with for fear of her coming over and talking to you. The picture below exemplifies that, like how are those two pictures the same woman? I know makeup is a hell of a thing, but these two just look like two different woman! It’s wild. Then there is the whole pants peeing episode when it was pretty clear she had an accident while on stage, that is so revolting and it is hard for me to get that image and thought out of my head when voting on whether Fergie is hot or not. It is her pure inconsistency and pants peeing antics that have led me to vote Fergie as NOT! Some people are going to be mad at me for this one but that is what the poll is for, go and vote and let us know what you think!

Nicolas Cage Arrested

(EW.COM) Apr 16 2011 03:45 PM ET by Mandi Bierly

Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans and charged with domestic abuse, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness after an altercation with his wife, Alice Kim, on Dumaine Street in the French Quarter late Friday night. A rep for the 47-year-old actor did not immediately return EW’s request for comment. The New Orleans Police Department has issued the following statement detailing the couple’s argument.


Nick Cage has been straight up heading down a very slippery slope over the past couple of years. The guy somehow went bankrupt and the bank had to repossess several homes of his, thereby forcing him to drive his career further down the shitter by accepting movies such as “Knowing”, “G-Force”, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, “Season of the Witch”, “Drive Angry”, and a totally unneccessary Ghost Rider sequel coming in 2012, donned “Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance” (if that movie makes money I would question the intelligence of us as Americans). All of those shitty movies have come out no earlier than 2009, so yes Nick Cage desperately needed money and I’m pretty sure the guy did not read one of those scripts, simply told his agent to accept ANY offer that came his way because he needed to dig his dumb ass out of debt. Then this, the guy abuses his wife while publicly intoxicated because he was trying to get in the wrong apartment that he thought was the one he was renting. Now he had to rent because his New Orleans residences were taken away by the bank so this former multi millionaire was forced to rent a shitty apartment and couldn’t even tell which one was his. What is most amazing about this story is that Dog from the famed television series Dog The Bounty Hunter bailed Nicolas Cage out of jail at the going rate of $11,000. Which leads me to another question, does Nicholas Cage have bigger things to worry about if Dog is after him, or are Cage and Dog just boys? I still haven’t decided which I think is more likely, what do you think??

Dog Don't Take Guff from Nobody

Sick Trip K.G.

Just go to the 15 second mark of that video, and if you honestly believe that that was not a trip your’e an idiot. Awful officiating down the stretch, from Melo’s “offensive foul” with 20 seconds left, to the Knicks getting absolutely no calls in the 4th despite getting hammered, to the no call on this trip, it was officiated in Boston’s favor. The Knicks had the game in the bags and needed to finish, bad shot selection by Melo at the end yes, but still they needed to find a way to win that game. Gotta take some positive out of this, being outrebounded by 10, Melo was off, Chauncey was pretty inefficient, and Fields was invisible, and Turiaf was the second best player offensively, so hopefully they can make the necessary changes and have other guys step up and get a win in game two, if not this series could take a real bad turn for the worse.

Anyone hungry?

Open the fridge in search of food,

What I find will make my mood.

As I look past the milk, fruits, and cheese,

I hope I find food that I please.

Ofcourse I find my favorite treat,

Mmm taste so good I can’t wait to eat.

A meal literally finger lickin good,

Would you like to try? Because I certainly would.



As the HOT or NOT debate continues, and I personally continued to click HOT, I began to wonder which one I actually thought was the hottest. This brought me back to one of my favorite games growing up, Fuck, Kill, Marry. For all you kids that are stuck to the video games, put them down for a minute and enjoy one of the great games ever FKM. The rules of the game are simple and go as followed- The person you pick to kill, obviously is dead to you. The person you pick to fuck, is a one time bang-but mind blowing, best of your life, nothing will compare. EVER! and marry is being stuck with that person forever, having all your friends see them with you and having a sex life- but that of a normal married couple. The inaugural FKM is going to start off with the ladies from one of the funniest television shows to air in a long time- The Office. There has been a group of ladies that have come in and out the cast but the three hottest that stuck out to me were Pam(Jenna Fischer), Erin(Ellie Kemper), and the old character of Karen(Rashida Jones).



Ellie Kemper  Actress Ellie Kemper arrives at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 29, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.




Classic Clip of the Day: Spaceballs

This movie is unbelievable. I watched it so many times as a kid I can almost recite the movie from start to finish. Mel Brooks is a comedic genius and he does not miss a beat with Spaceballs. The movie is so great on so many different levels, and although it is funnier if you have knowledge of Star Wars and/or Star Trek, it still can be funny to people who are not. This scene is a classic and is when President Skroob instructs Dark Helmet to comb the desert in their search for Princess Vespa. As you will soon see, Dark Helmet takes that order a bit literally in one of the best scenes of the movie. Enjoy SITB’ers and have a fuckin great weekend!