Lonely during the holidays ?


I know that being single during the holidays is very rough. Family members are insensitive to the thought that you have recently been through a bitter break up or just have no luck finding the right guy. SOLUTION. This holiday season bring home the guy who will treat you like gold. What more does a girl want then a faithful husband? Well here he is.

p.s- We can split the commission


Some Wacky Pictures of a “Creature”

I have no idea what the hell to think of these pictures. Is this thing real? Is it altered? Did all of these people reallllllyyyy stage these photos to make it look realistic? I have no idea about any of those questions but this thing looks real as shit! What the hell is it?? Imagine getting out of your car at the end of a long tiring day at work and seeing one of those things scurry out of the bushes in front of your house? I would flip a shit. Check out the pictures and see for yourself and let us know if you think this thing is real. And if it is real what do you call it??

What are you?

Top 50 Sports Movies, Characters, and Quotes of all Time

Henry Rowengartner

This link chronicles the top 50 sports movies, sports movie characters, and sports movie quotes of all time. It does take quite some time to go through the slide show and they definitely could have come up with a much more organized fashion to present this material, but it is pretty cool to look through it. I think the list is pretty good and it takes into account some movies that are good that normally one would not expect to be on the list (i.e. The Waterboy), but how can you leave Rookie of the Year off of that list?? That movie is a classic in all facets of the word, from the comedy to the characters to the heartwarming story, Rookie of the Year deserves to be on that list. Check out the list, let us know what you think and if any of your favorite movies or characters were snubbed.

Interesting Product Placements

Thought this link was pretty funny, it shows a bunch of funny/awkward product placements. Sorry if it’s a lame post some of these just made us chuckle a bit and may be a way to kill 5 minutes at work on Monday. Leave feedback and post links to other funny product placements etc. if you can find some.

Brett Favre, meet Arthur Moats

So although the Bills looked like absolute shit today, something positive did come out of the game. That old dope Brett Favre got a nice little wake up call and perhaps the latest step towards permanent retiring by way of Arthur Moats, 6th round pick from James Madison. My man came out of nowhere and laid Favre out, knocking him out of the game. My favorite part of the video is just how fast the Vikings trainers make it to the old man. Usually trainers kinda hang on the sideline until they know that they need to be out there. Favre got destroyed and like 1.5 seconds later theres like 3 trainers all over him. Shitty game for the Bills, but hopefully its the last we need to see or hear from Favre.

Some Funny TV Goofs

Look at these boneheads. They are paid a ton of money and they still find ways to mess up. Like how the hell do you mess up some of these, especially the animated ones. What idiot is drawing these scenes and does all of them the same then changes the next one. Some of them are pretty lame but on the whole its pretty funny seeing how stupid some of these people are, missing these things in the multiple edits that they do. Enjoy, hope you had a good weekend.