Top 10 Movies Of Fall 2012 (So Far)

Before you freak out for us not having Lincoln or The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 on the list, hear us out. We saw a lot of movies this Fall, and were so impressed we wanted to break down what we thought were the best movies of Fall 2012 (so far). We probably could’ve waited until Fall ended, but there were so many great ones up until this point, we wanted to recap. Again, some of these don’t belong on and “Top 10 lists”. We’re ranking the movies that PhilmCritics has seen so far in Fall 2012.

10. Paranormal Activity 4

ImageI didn’t see this one. Phil is too afraid to see this one. Mark hated it. From what I took, there was no climax, no excitement and no payoff for sitting through four of these shitty movies. Not much else to say.

9. Cloud Atlas


This movie had a lot of potential. With a huge budget, established directors and a star-studded cast, this book-turned-movie should have been better. The movie had no structure, no fluidity and wouldn’t stick with a single character/timeline for more than a few minutes at a time. Plus, we couldn’t get over the make-up and ethnic transformations that each star had to go through. It was distracting. We don’t need to see Hugo Weaving as a lesbain-nurse. We don’t need to see Halle Berry as a decrepit old woman.

8. The Man With The Iron Fists


I think I’m the only one who has, and will see this movie out of the PhilmCritics crew. By no means is this a good movie, but it was entertaining enough for me. RZA isn’t a great actor. Neither is Dave Batista. Does it matter? At times, yes, but overall their presence didn’t hamper the movie. The dialogue was choppy and often forced, but the action, gore, and fight scenes make this an enjoyable flick. It did feel longer than its roughly 90-minute running time, but it had a fun old school kung-fu feel to it which we haven’t seen in quite a while from a major studio release.

7. Taken 2


Where this movie was most of the same of what we got in the original Taken movie, Taken 2 works pretty well. The action was great, which lets be honest, is all that really matters in a movie like this. Liam Neeson kicked ass, killed bad guys and saved the day. Mission accomplished. Sure the dialogue wasn’t great and the story was pretty basic, but you would be lying if you said Taken 2 wasn’t entertaining.

6. Flight


I actually just saw Flight earlier today, and it inspired me to throw this post together. Is Flight perfect? No. The movie got slow at times, and was on the whole very depressing. Denzel Washington puts on an Oscar worthy performance and really hits the viewer on a pretty real and serious level. This is the type of movie that does so well because of the performance of its star, Denzel. If he was replaced with, say Jamie Foxx or even Matt Damon, the movie wouldn’t be the same.

5. Argo


Argo is a film that is based off of historic events. Fine, but usually that means, as the viewer, we know how the film will end before we even go in. That is what made Argo such a strong film. For the full climax of the movie, you are on the edge of your seat…even though you know what is coming. Couple that with great acting from the likes of Ben Affleck & Bryan Cranston and a retro style look to the cameras, and Argo is truly an Oscar worthy movie.

4. Wreck-It Ralph


A great throwback for any 80’s/90’s kids, Wreck-It Ralph deserves some Oscar buzz for Best Animated Film. A very strong showing from the “cast” as John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch and more really made the characters stronger. There are countless references to video game and pop culture of old that make this movie as enjoyable to adults as it is to kids.

3. Seven Psychopaths

ImageThis movie went kind of under the radar. Colin Farrell re-teamed with director Martin McDonagh (In Bruges) in this action-dramedy about a stolen dog…amongst other things. Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken both contribute strong supporting roles. There are great shots of Los Angeles, brutal violence and hilarious dialogue…Seven Psychopaths really had it all. This one will pick up steam one it hits Blu-Ray.

2. Looper


A great sci-fi action flick ended up meeting and exceeding our expectations. There was a lot of buzz/confusion about the make-up they made Joseph-Gordon Levitt wear to make him look like Bruce Willis, but it the end it didn’t really distract you. The story was unique, the acting was great and the action scenes were amazing for the small budget they had ($30 million). The movie is much deeper than any trailer ensues and will certainly be an even bigger hit once it hits Blu-Ray.

1. Skyfall


I can’t speak for all of the older Bond films (haven’t seen them all), but I think it’s safe to say that Skyfall might be the best Bond movie of all time. It was far more interesting and anticipated than Bond movies have been in years passed. Daniel Craig puts on his best performance as 007, but is outmatched by Javier Bardem and his dark, creepy take as the villain Silva. The movie has a feel similar to The Dark Knight. I feel that Skyfall will be to Daniel Craig’s James Bond that The Dark Knight was to Christian Bale’s Batman. A truly captivating movie with a twisted, demented villain that steals the show.

The movie has already cleared the $500 million mark at the box office, and isn’t slowing. It’s even getting preliminary Oscar buzz, both for Bardem’s performance and for Best Picture. To think of a James Bond movie in that light isn’t something we’re used to, but if they keep making movies like this, we better get used to it.