Things The Mayor Hates (And Probably Mozz too): Idiots in Drive Through Bank Lines

Today being Friday, is often a pay day. I got my check, and headed over to the local Bank of America. I parked and walked to the door and for whatever reason they close at 4 on Fridays and of course I got there at 4:25. They did have their drive through window open until 5, so I pulled around the drive through to cash my check. I never do that because it usually takes twice as long as going in to the bank, but I had no options today because the inside of the bank was closed. I’m waiting and waiting and the car at the window gets their shit taken care of, the teller gave them their money and I.D. and whatever. So this jerkoff just like sits there and counts their money, puts it away, double checks its the right amount and takes like 5 minutes just sitting there after they were done! What the fuck dude, there are 4 cars behind you with the bank closing in 20 minutes and you just sit their taking your sweet time. No more of that shit, just get your cash, get out of line, if something is wrong go back afterwards, no sense holding up other people who are in a rush too. That was my rant for the day.