Drive Home Reviews: The Campaign

The Philm Critics crew has a guest appearance on the most recent episode of Drive Home Reviews. Our good buddy Rob2 joins the discussion as we talk about political comedy The Campaign. The movie stars Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis as dueling congressional candidates in North Carolina. What did we think? Watch and find out!

Philmcast July 10, 2012

Our second philmcast is complete and posted.  We review a few films we saw in theaters recently including; The Amazing Spiderman, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.  Also, we look ahead to The Dark Knight Rises coming out at the end of this week.

It’s also Dark Knight Rises week, where we will dedicate every day to a post about The Dark Knight and answer a few questions we have about the series.  SO STAY TUNED!

Drive Home Reviews: Men In Black III

Been a hiatus since the last Drive Home Reviews, but they are officially back (at least for the next week). This time we went and checked out Men In Black III, a movie that we were all moderately excited for, and ended up being very happy with. Check out our thoughts and insights in the video below and leave some comments on what you think of MIB III and Drive Home Reviews in general.

Drive Home Reviews: American Reunion

The third installment of our wildly successful (in our humble opinions) Drive Home Reviews. Mark and Rob discuss the fourth official film in this series (we don’t count the shitty movies that came after American Wedding) on their way home from the theater. Check out the video and let us know what you think of American Reunion and our review.

Drive Home Reviews: Project X

This is round two of Drive Home Reviews, and Phil and Rob discuss high school party movie Project X. We both thought it was fun and pretty much what we expected, but to get the full review, check out the video below. If you have seen it, leave some comments and weigh in with your opinion on both the movie and Drive Home Reviews.

Drive Home Reviews: Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Once again, SITB took a (lengthy) break from writing anything. We decided to take our movie reviews in a new direction, and created a new idea called “Drive Home Reviews”. In these, you will see various members of the SITB crew doing a video review of a movie they just saw. The review takes place immediately upon completion of the movie, right on the drive home…hence the title. Check out the first installment featuring Rob and Mark after seeing Jeff, Who Lives at Home. This is our first go at it with the Drive Home Reviews, so it is a bit rusty and hopefully they will get better from here on out. Leave some feedback in the comments section. If it totally sucks, let us know. If you like it, also let us know. Don’t just use the comments to tell us we suck.

Movie Review: The Grey

What else can I say other than Liam Neeson, you have done it again. As was also the case with Taken, you have taken a movie that I was excited to see but had relatively average expectations for, and just blew me away with it. The Grey was an intense film experience, one that takes you on an emotional journey as the group of Alaskan oil men struggle to survive in a brutal tundra like wilderness. The characters were great, the camera work was amazing and you felt like you were out there with these men fighting for your life. I know that sounds corny and over the top, but that is how I felt while watching this.

The story follows Ottway and a team of oil riggers who were in a devastating plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness. They were transporting the entire team from the oil site and as they were flying, the plane badly malfunctions and crashes. The audio and visual effects during the crash were great. It didn’t use over the top CGI effects, rather it used a lot of closeups and dramatic movements to make you feel like you were on the plane. It was one of my favorite crash scenes that I’ve ever seen (off the top of my head, only the train crash scene from Super 8 beats it). The back and forth cutting between the present disaster and the flash back to Ottway lying in bed with his wife were amazing. You went from intense plane crash sound effects and explosions, to silence.

The aftermath of the crash was brutal. Debris everywhere, fire, blood, dead bodies and dying bodies. It was total and utter destruction and Ottway rallied the troops, doing his best to recover any sense of order that was salvageable. Right when things started to settle down (as best as they can in below zero temperatures and scalding winds), things went from bad to worse…way worse. It was discovered that they were in wolf territory and their fight was now against the elements and a pack of blood thirsty wolves.

The story ended up being one of immense struggle and battling for survival, taking us on a journey with a group of men being brought to the absolute brink. This may come across sounding weird, but I just loved it because it was men being men. It was the ultimate manly movie, one of the better ones that has come out in recent years. It forced the characters to really become animals themselves, while battling with their past human lives and memories. It was a great struggle and it was portrayed wonderfully.

There was so much to love about this film, and I can’t go without mentioning the visual appeal that it had. The camera work did a great job to make you feel and understand the vastness and helplessness of their situation. The long shots and wide angle views of the environment was so intense and made you really feel for these characters. The blistering wind and overwhelming snow flurries were brutal and made me feel cold just watching it.

The final thing I will mention that I really appreciated about this movie was the fact that it was rated R and they didn’t try to hide it. This could have easily been a generic PG-13 movie if they wanted it to be, but the director and writers clearly did not have that in mind. The characters are oilmen fighting for their lives. If this was real life, the guys would swear, and they would swear a lot. There are countless f-bombs, a dirty story and a lot more profanity in the dialogue that makes it just feel real. They say fuck…a lot. And that was awesome. If they didn’t use that type of dialogue, it just wouldn’t have felt authentic. I know it sounds like a strange thing to like and mention in a review, but that is how I felt and I guarantee you will notice it too. Combine that with the gore that comes to (and from) the wolves, and The Grey really took full advantage of it’s R rating and it made the film that much better.

I already know this is going to be one of my favorite movies from 2012, and I’ll leave you with one last tidbit. If you see this movie, stay until after the credits.

The Grey: 9/10