Drive Home Reviews: Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Once again, SITB took a (lengthy) break from writing anything. We decided to take our movie reviews in a new direction, and created a new idea called “Drive Home Reviews”. In these, you will see various members of the SITB crew doing a video review of a movie they just saw. The review takes place immediately upon completion of the movie, right on the drive home…hence the title. Check out the first installment featuring Rob and Mark after seeing Jeff, Who Lives at Home. This is our first go at it with the Drive Home Reviews, so it is a bit rusty and hopefully they will get better from here on out. Leave some feedback in the comments section. If it totally sucks, let us know. If you like it, also let us know. Don’t just use the comments to tell us we suck.

Classic Clip of the Day: I Love You Man

I Love You Man has quickly become one of my favorite comedies, not only in recent years but of all time. The whole movie is straight gold, and Jason Segal and Paul Rudd put on some of their best performances. It has so many great one liners and awkward Paul Rudd moments, making it one of the most re-watchable comedies in recent years.

There are countless clips that could have been used for the CCOTD, but this one is really funny and since I love Rush, I chose this one. Paul Rudd’s at his finest and just jamming out to some Limelight. Not much else to say other than this scene, this movie and Rush rule. And if you haven’t watched I Love You Man in a while, you should probably get on that.

Side note, how awesome is this picture: