Sick Trip K.G.

Just go to the 15 second mark of that video, and if you honestly believe that that was not a trip your’e an idiot. Awful officiating down the stretch, from Melo’s “offensive foul” with 20 seconds left, to the Knicks getting absolutely no calls in the 4th despite getting hammered, to the no call on this trip, it was officiated in Boston’s favor. The Knicks had the game in the bags and needed to finish, bad shot selection by Melo at the end yes, but still they needed to find a way to win that game. Gotta take some positive out of this, being outrebounded by 10, Melo was off, Chauncey was pretty inefficient, and Fields was invisible, and Turiaf was the second best player offensively, so hopefully they can make the necessary changes and have other guys step up and get a win in game two, if not this series could take a real bad turn for the worse.