Rant About Stupid Sports Fans

Fans, we apologize that our blog has been defunct for quite some time now. Life came in and shit got busy around these parts, but we’re back and although posts won’t be going up as frequently as they were in the past, we’ll try to do what we can. This is more of a random post, but it is about something that has bothered me for years and I have never really said anything about it. Here goes, feel free to comment and tell me if it sucks or I’m an idiot or you disagree.

I was watching the Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets game yesterday. The game sucked but that’s besides the point. After a touchdown the scoring player ran towards the crowd and they showed a shot of the fans. There, sitting no more than three rows from the field was some douche in a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey and hat. This sounds like something that is just petty and stupid to complain about but it is one of the most annoying things to see. Even if you don’t have a loyalty to the home team and are just an NFL fan, it has to bother you just a little bit. Why would some guy feel the need to just get decked out in a team’s gear that has no relevance to this game being played. Like clockwork, you can count on it happening at almost every game of any sport you go to. Like bro, we get it you like the Steelers, but don’t wear their shit to a game that has nothing to do with them.

You know what I’m talking about. This is not singled out for Buffalo Bills home games, or even NFL games for that matter. You can go to a Yankees vs. Orioles game at Yankee Stadium in May and you are guaranteed to see at least one or two assholes wearing a Red Sox hat or hoodie just to be different, and make a statement. I hate these people more than I can explain in a simple blog post. I have no issue with there being fans of the opposing team being there and supporting their team and wearing jerseys/hats/hoodies…whatever. That is expected. I have done it multiple times and so probably have you. Do that and enjoy watching your team. But don’t be an asshole wearing a Peyton Manning jersey to a Giants vs. Redskins game and don’t be a douche wearing a Chase Utley jersey to a Mets vs. Nationals game. By all means, be a fan of your team and love them and cheer for them, just do it when and where they are playing. Don’t try to be cool and make a statement by wearing a random jersey for the sole purpose of getting a reaction from every other person in the stadium. They don’t think you are cool, or original or trendy. They think you suck.

P.S. On a similar and related note, please also don’t be like this guy below. This guy is the worst of the worst. He wore a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey to a Cleveland Indians game following “The Decision” and the only reason you do that is to piss people off.  These fans are already miserable enough. Cleveland sports fans are dedicated, loyal, and put up with their teams sucking. Don’t be this guy. And don’t pretend you live in Cleveland and were just a LeBron fan, not a Cavs fan.

Sorry if this was poorly written and pointless, something just needed to be said.


 Well that went well, New York. At least the Rangers had the decency to win a game, thankfully in their own building.

I knew this wasn’t going to be 1994 all over again, and I’m sure every rational human being could agree, but this was kind of embarrassing. I honestly thought the Blueshirts could have won this series (Before Ryan Cally died). As as for the Knickerbockers, well those first 2 games destroyed morale. I mean just took a dump right on your dads chest kind of low. I expected the Knicks to get at least 2 wins, not 0. Fucking bums.

I am going to root for the Heat now in the NBA because I win 50 bucks from a friend if they win, as for Hockey, I really could care less now that the Rangers are out. I might as well root for the Sabres I guess, but I’d rather just keep my pursuit for Emma going the continue to care for Hockey.

Madison Square Garden Tenants, be ashamed. I sure as shit am.


Well it’s not documented unless you ask my bookie, but so far Mozz is 9 for 10 on playoff picks. The only one I missed was the Blazers game. They couldn’t cover the 5 points for me. I’ve picked every other spread right and hit the nuggets over last night. Also hit the Memphis money line. But now I’m just bragging.

Tonights lock. Since I already picked the heat game correctly, assuming the 6ers don’t come back.

The Indiana Pacers. +12 in the playoffs after a very near win in game one. This has to be a lock. I expect a nice low scoring game.(I’d take the under too) Probably to be taken over be D. Rose in the 4th. just another day at the office for the soon to be MVP. but no way they win by 12

Book it.

Mozz’s next commish check Pacers +12

Your welcome

Sick Trip K.G.

Just go to the 15 second mark of that video, and if you honestly believe that that was not a trip your’e an idiot. Awful officiating down the stretch, from Melo’s “offensive foul” with 20 seconds left, to the Knicks getting absolutely no calls in the 4th despite getting hammered, to the no call on this trip, it was officiated in Boston’s favor. The Knicks had the game in the bags and needed to finish, bad shot selection by Melo at the end yes, but still they needed to find a way to win that game. Gotta take some positive out of this, being outrebounded by 10, Melo was off, Chauncey was pretty inefficient, and Fields was invisible, and Turiaf was the second best player offensively, so hopefully they can make the necessary changes and have other guys step up and get a win in game two, if not this series could take a real bad turn for the worse.

Kevin Na doing his best Tommy Bootz impression, shoots a 16 on 9th hole.


October 2010, Galloping Hill golf course in New Jersey, Tom Rudolph shoots a 16 on 1 hole. Lets fast forward.  April 2011, TPC San Antonio in Texas, Kevin Na shoots a 16 on 1 hole.

Kevin my boy, if you want some pointers how to be horrible at golf just follow me on twitter or something, or take lessons from Dommy Fettuccine Alfredo. I wonder at what point during this hole

Kevin realized ESPN will finally show highlights from a golf tournament that Tiger Woods  didn’t participate in.

(Sorry for the short blog entries lately folks, spring break starts at 650 pm today for me, I’ll be blogging like a mother fucker until the 27th when it’s over, full with drunk rants)

NBA Western Conference 1st Round Preview

After the regular season ended last night with the Lakers overtime win after blowing a 20 point 4th quarter lead to the Kings in what may be the last professional basketball game in Sacramento, the Western Conference bracket was set. Here is a look at what you could expect.

#1 San Antonio Spurs vs. #8 Memphis Grizzlies

Don’t sleep on the Grizzlies. After Rudy Gay went down with season ending shoulder surgery, I thought they would free fall out of the playoff picture and let a team like Houston sneak in, but instead they went on a 15-8 run over the next two months (including 2-1 against San Antonio in that time span). Zach Randolph has been a beast inside and even OJ Mayo seems to have found himself again, but the Spurs will be ready. The Grizzlies are fun to watch, they play the passing lanes like Allen Iverson and they run the floor like the 05-06 Suns, so their only shot in this series is to get the older Spurs to play a fast paced game with fast breaks all over the place. However, the experienced Spurs with Gregg Popovich in charge will not fall into any traps set by a #8 seeded team like Memphis. It should be an incredibly entertaining series, especially if Memphis can somehow get San Antonio to attempt to run the floor with them, but the Grizzlies just won’t have enough without their best player to overtake the best team in the NBA.

Spurs 4, Grizzlies 1

#4 Oklahoma City Thunder vs #5 Denver Nuggets

In my opinion, this will be the most entertaining series of all eight first round match-ups. Two very, very young teams full of really athletic and talented basketball players. At first, I’m sure Kevin Durant is happy that he doesn’t have to go head to head with Carmelo Anthony, but then he realizes that the Nuggets have gone 17-7 since that trade which brought them together and made them arguably the deepest team in the NBA. The Thunder won two games against the Nuggets in a 5 day span just last week, but they were tough physical games. The Nuggets have no answer for Kevin Durant (as do most teams), and Russell Westbrook is one of the few point guards that can run with Ty Lawson while being longer and more athletic. The acquisition of Kendrick Perkins has given the Thunder a new identity and made them more balanced, and should lead to an interesting matchup with Nene.

You want more reason to watch this series? This is what happened when the two teams met last week: 

It is no surprise to see Perkins and Nene mix it up, but you have to love the fact two Mr. Nice Guys in Durant and Gallinari also got into it at the 1:55 mark. This series is going to get really, really interesting very quickly.

Thunder 4, Nuggets 2

#2 Los Angeles Lakers vs #7 New Orleans Hornets

Kobe is fresh off of a $100 K fine for his actions a few days ago, Andrew Bynum is fresh off another knee injury which sounds like will not sideline him in the playoffs, and the Lakers as a team are fresh off of a 6 game losing streak (which snapped in an OT win at the lowly Sacramento Kings in which they blew a 20 point 4th quarter lead). It sounds like the Lakers might be in trouble, but fortunately here come the Hornets to the rescue. Although the Hornets were 5th in the NBA in defense, allowing 94 points per game, they allowed 101 per game to the Lakers in their 4 meetings which were all won by LA. To make things worse for the Hornets, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum combined to shoot 56 for 83 (67%) against them. And just to make things even worse, David West just underwent surgery for his torn ACL. I think that Chris Paul could play the best basketball of his career and this series would still be ugly.

Lakers 4, Hornets 0

#3 Dallas Mavericks vs #6 Portland Trailblazers

Another really entertaining series between two very good, very balanced teams that have been known for underachieving over the past three years or so. Sure the Blazers will put you to sleep at times as they run the slowest offense in the NBA, but they can be equally exciting when they go on one of their runs. Gerald Wallace has done more than they could have expected, and Brandon Roy will surely hit his share of clutch shots if necessary. The two teams split the season series with the home team winning each time, so home court advantage could be important for the Mavericks. Also, don’t count out the fact that Caron Butler might return this series. Even if he isn’t completely effective, that could be an emotional lift for the Mavericks who have usually flopped in the playoffs. LaMarcus Aldridge has taken his game to another level this year, as has Wesley Matthews. This series could go either way, but I’ll take the upset.

Blazers 4, Mavericks 3

Kobe Fined 100K

(New York Times)- Hours after the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant directed an obscene antigay slur at a referee who had just whistled him for a technical foul, N.B.A. Commissioner David Stern fined him $100,000 on Wednesday and, in a statement, described Bryant’s remarks as “offensive and inexcusable.” Full Article


So Kobe dropped the F bomb, then proceeded to follow with yet another F bomb. They fined him for saying the 2nd F bomb. I’m not going to comment at all on this, mainly because I don’t think Kobe did anything wrong, he just said a few words during the heat of the moment, shit happens. Luckily the creators of South Park saw this coming years ago and made an episode, explaining the word. Watch the whole episode here. If you want my full opinion call my intern, Lindsay, and she’ll set up an appointment with me.