Question #2: Will Batman Win?

Our countdown to the Dark Knight Rises continues. Today’s question: Will Batman Win?

Four years ago the Dark Knight captivated audiences with tremendous acting and an excellent story.  It had so many great moments that most people forget that it didn’t end like your normal comic book movie. In the end, Batman doesn’t get the girl and he doesn’t have a new found confidence in the people of Gotham. Instead, he is forced into exile after taking responsibility for the murders committed by Harvey Dent. Not exactly a victory for the caped crusader. It was the perfect ending for a sequel because it kept the audience wanting more. The Dark Knight’s ending was anything but happy. But that worked for the second act in a trilogy. The Empire Strikes Back had the same effect on its audience. When you’re building towards a bigger thing, it’s perfectly normal to end a movie with main protagonist coming out defeated.  The question remains will Batman’s defeat in the Dark Knight lead to an ultimate victory in the Dark Knight Rises? One would think so. After all, how many trilogies can you name that didn’t end with a solid win for the good guys? As much as we should expect a triumph for Batman there is one adversary standing in his way. No, it’s not Bane or Catwoman. It’s the one man who has the final say on the ultimate fate of Batman. That man is the director of the Dark Knight series Christopher Nolan.  He is a director has no issues taking chances if the story justifies it. The ambiguous ending of his 2010 film Inception left people tearing their hair out.  Will Christopher Nolan’s seemingly irresistible urge to do things differently threaten the life of Batman? Or will good prevail over evil as it always has in the world of trilogies? We’ll find out tomorrow.


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