Question #3: How Will Bane Compare Among Past Batman Villains?

We’re halfway through The Dark Knight Rises week, and it’s time to reveal question #3 leading up to the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  How will Bane compare among previous Batman villains?

Well certainly Heath Ledger as the Joker set the standard pretty high.  Not only for Batman movies, but for movie villains in general.  Bane, although not as famous of a nemesis as Joker, The Riddler or Penguin is still pretty bad ass in his own right.  Played by another English actor, Tom Hardy, is certainly gaining notoriety in Hollywood racking up various roles recently in all different types of movies like Inception, Warrior and This Means War.  Bane is a lifelong inmate who serves the life sentence of his father.  While in prison he becomes very strong as a test subject  for an experimental venom he must receive every 12 hours in order to maintain his strength.

There certainly is a huge contrast between this Bane and the one we saw in 1997 release, Batman and Robin.  This Bane is a lead role instead of a goofy sidekick to Poison Ivy.  From the trailers and certain speculation he appears to give Batman a serious run for his money.  Not only does he lead what looks  to be a huge uprising in Gotham he also pushes Batman to the brink of mercy.   There are even some rumors leading fans to believe he is finally the one to kill Batman by breaking his back at the end of the movie.  We’ll find out on Friday where he ranks among the film versions of Batman villains, and if he’s the one to finally defeat the man in the black cape.


One thought on “Question #3: How Will Bane Compare Among Past Batman Villains?

  1. If they keep with the storyline from the comic “nightfall” then we should see a “bane” who outsmarts batman at everyturn and in the end “breaks the batman”.

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