Top 5 Baseball Comedies of All Time

I’m not a big fan of baseball. I tend to think it’s a long, drawn out, boring game but the same can not be said for the way I feel about baseball movies. Baseball movies rule. There’s a case to be made that I like baseball movies more than other sports movies. Sure, the other sports have their gems; Rudy, Space Jam, Mighty Ducks to name a few but there’s like eight great baseball movies I can name off the top of my head and that just isn’t the case for the other three major sports.

Baseball seems to have the market cornered on movies. Especially when it comes to comedies. Just think about all of the great baseball comedies that have come down the pike in the past 20 years. There are so many memorable characters, one-liners and entertaining premises from movies about a sport that puts me to sleep every time I watch it.

So in celebration of the halfway point of the baseball season I thought I would celebrate the top 5 most memorable baseball comedies of all time. You tell me which one is the greatest.

1. A League of Their Own- Some people would call this a chick flick… I like to call those people dopes.  I know, if someone told me that I was going to enjoy a movie that starred Gena Davis, Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna I’d probably say no way in hell and I would be 100% wrong. The plot centers around female characters but nobody can deny that it’s the male actors who steal the show.  Tom Hanks, Jon Lovitz, Garry Marshall- these guys are hilarious from start to finish AND let’s not forget about the dude who played Marla Hooch… what a hitter. The movie is not only funny but powerful and exciting. The ending isn’t exactly a crowd pleaser but it’ll get a reaction from you nonetheless. An A PLUS in my book.

2. Major League and 3. Major League 2- I was very close to putting Major League 2 ahead of Major League. I know, blasphemy, right? I’m always amazed when someone says the second one sucked. They’re two totally different movies, but they’re both great in different ways. I don’t really care that the first one is rated R and the second one is PG-13. Say what you will, Omar Eps did a fine job replacing Wesley Snipes in the second one. You’ll never see me badmouth the guy who played Black Hammer. Both movies are also extremely quotable. From “up your butt Joe Boo” to “he’s gonna need a rocket up his ass to catch that one” I quote the Major League series at baseball games the same way I quote Happy Gilmore when I play golf.

4. The Sandlot- If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s you’re required to love The Sandlot. It’s a true coming of age tale and one of my favorites. Like Major League and A League of Their Own, Sandlot has more lovable characters and memorable quotes than you can shake a stick at. On top of being funny as hell, Sandlot also has a great story which is beautifully simplistic. It’s about a bunch of kids trying to get a baseball back, but throughout the film it feels so much bigger than that. Every time I watch the Sandlot it brings me back to the days when losing a baseball signed by the Babe was considered the biggest pickle of all-time.

5. Rookie of the Year- This one might be my most controversial pick. Many are probably putting Bull Durham or Bad News Bears in their top 5. But I grew up with Rookie of the Year. I think it’s down right silly and deserves to be in the top 5 list. It has an unbelievable cast considering it’s supposed to be a stupid kids movie. This movie stars Daniel Stern, John Candy and Gary Busey. Stern and Candy are two of the greatest comedic actors of the 90’s and Busey is batshit crazy. How could I not include it in the top 5? From start to finish this movie never takes itself too seriously. It’s one of those movies that I’ll never seek out to watch but if I stumble upon it on HBO I’m glued to the TV for the next 90 minutes.


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