Gillian Jacobs, Hot or Not?

Gillian Jacobs, or better known amongst nerds like me as Britta Perry from Community (bring the show back for God’s sake!). There are episodes of Community where Britta is the hottest girl on the show, which is saying something because man-killer Allison Brie is also a star. Then there are episodes where you see Britta and you wouldn’t even look at her twice. Really mind boggling stuff here. I have a soft spot for her, and maybe that’s just because I love Community so much, but my first inkling is hot.

Then comes the game changer. The movie Choke. Choke is a little known movie starring Sam Rockwell about a sex-addict/con artist. That really doesn’t matter though, the only thing you end up taking from this movie is that Gillian Jacobs shows a little bit more skin than she does in her other roles…and by a little bit more, I mean a lot. If you haven’t seen Choke, might wanna check it out!

All things considered, Jacobs is a cute girl, a girl who is really funny on Community and seems to have a bright future ahead of her. There are moments that really make you wonder if she is hot and then moments where there is no doubt in your mind that she is a total fox. In my mind, Britta…I mean Gillian Jacobs gets the vote of HOT! Final answer. You can voice your opinion in the poll and comments section below.

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