New Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Here at SITB things slow down from time to time, and by that I mean we do one post and then do nothing for months at a time. Somehow we still get a decent amount of page views each day and for that we thank you. I came up with an idea that will at least get me throwing up some new content more regularly and hopefully this idea keeps me writing more regularly. Seeing as I watch movies more regularly than most of you, I thought that doing movie reviews would be both beneficial to the reader and fun for me…so here goes!

Over the holiday break I had the pleasure of catching a few flicks, the first of which was Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I was pretty pumped to check this out because the first installment in the series was a pleasant surprise from the 2009 holiday season. I loved the first Sherlock Holmes movie and thought that Mark Strong’s character as the villain Lord Blackwood was awesome. Obviously Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law killed it too, but there was something that really got me hooked with the dark and mysterious Lord Blackwood character.

Going into this sequel, I had done very little background research so I didn’t know much about the story or what to expect from the villain. All I knew was that Sherlock Holmes was in some sort of goofy mood throughout the movie because that’s all the commercials and trailers really showed. I seriously wonder what the marketing team was thinking when they promoted this. “RDJ is charming. Lets just show him being adorable and funny in the commercial and people will go see it without even knowing the story!” Yep. It worked.

The story is a fun one as Holmes and Watson take on a very tough foe in Professor James Moriarty, a smart yet cunning academic who has some evil ideas to attain the power he desires. Moriarty and Holmes are adversaries and have been for quite some time, so knowing how close Holmes and Watson are, Moriarty decides to go after Watson (and Watson’s new bride!) shortly after their wedding. Pretty messed up moves by Moriarty (who is played by Jared Harris, yes this Jared Harris, the douchy reporter from Mr. Deeds). Harris does a great job playing both sides of the Moriarty character. Going back and forth between the intelligent and respected author/professor and the villainous, power hungry tyrant, Moriarty’s character is one who took Holmes to his brink.

I won’t spoil any more plot points, but just know that Moriarty and his evil ways will lead to a spectacular surprise ending, as I’m sure you could expect from a Sherlock Holmes film. Between Guy Ritchie’s directing skills and the strong acting from RobDowJu, Jude Law et. al. there was no noticeable weaknesses in the film. All in all, this is definitely a movie I would recommend to just about anyone. It is fun, action packed and entertaining and although it is a bit long and drags in the beginning, you still get your moneys worth.

And although I believe numbered ratings scales never do movies justice, I’m going to do them in my reviews. If you saw the movie, feel free to vote or leave comments on how you feel.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows: 7.5/10 stars


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One thought on “New Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

  1. Ooh, yeah, just got back from seeing this. Was so excellent I temporarily forgot it was a weeknight. Hope they continue making more!

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