Nicolas Cage Arrested

(EW.COM) Apr 16 2011 03:45 PM ET by Mandi Bierly

Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans and charged with domestic abuse, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness after an altercation with his wife, Alice Kim, on Dumaine Street in the French Quarter late Friday night. A rep for the 47-year-old actor did not immediately return EW’s request for comment. The New Orleans Police Department has issued the following statement detailing the couple’s argument.


Nick Cage has been straight up heading down a very slippery slope over the past couple of years. The guy somehow went bankrupt and the bank had to repossess several homes of his, thereby forcing him to drive his career further down the shitter by accepting movies such as “Knowing”, “G-Force”, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, “Season of the Witch”, “Drive Angry”, and a totally unneccessary Ghost Rider sequel coming in 2012, donned “Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance” (if that movie makes money I would question the intelligence of us as Americans). All of those shitty movies have come out no earlier than 2009, so yes Nick Cage desperately needed money and I’m pretty sure the guy did not read one of those scripts, simply told his agent to accept ANY offer that came his way because he needed to dig his dumb ass out of debt. Then this, the guy abuses his wife while publicly intoxicated because he was trying to get in the wrong apartment that he thought was the one he was renting. Now he had to rent because his New Orleans residences were taken away by the bank so this former multi millionaire was forced to rent a shitty apartment and couldn’t even tell which one was his. What is most amazing about this story is that Dog from the famed television series Dog The Bounty Hunter bailed Nicolas Cage out of jail at the going rate of $11,000. Which leads me to another question, does Nicholas Cage have bigger things to worry about if Dog is after him, or are Cage and Dog just boys? I still haven’t decided which I think is more likely, what do you think??

Dog Don't Take Guff from Nobody

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