Not or Not? Michelle Williams

This is a girl who I had no idea existed up until 2010. Call me crazy but I didn’t sit through Brokeback Mountain or Dawson’s Creek so I didn’t really notice her anywhere. First saw her in Shutter Island and noticed her a little bit, but was more creeped out by what was going on in the mental hospital to think about a chick being hot or not. Then, I went to SoHo and saw Blue Valentine at this artsy theater with more hipsters and girls with thick framed glasses and loose-fitting jeans than I had ever see in my life. This theatre also sold “Vegan Macaroons” at the concession stand. Just give me 3000 calorie butter loaded popcorn, none of that crap. Anyways…I enjoyed the movie, and this was my first real exposure to her. I couldn’t really decide what to think of her and still am not too sure. At times she looks ok, but she experimented with the short hair cut, and by short, I mean freakin short. I’m never really a fan of that, and she was no exception. All in all, I’m not too crazy about her and therefore Michelle Williams is getting the NOT vote. Sorry lady.

Was this short really necessary?



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