Nintendo Creates 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

(EW) Mar 28 2011 09:00 AM ET First things first: Yes, the glasses-free 3-D screen of the Nintendo 3DS — the central new feature on the venerable gaming company’s latest handheld salvo for total domination of our free time — is a wonder to behold. The experience of watching your games play out in three-dimensions with just your own eyeballs, whether it’s a furry puppy running away from you in Nintendogs + Cats or a wide-receiver racing for a Hail Mary pass in Madden Football, is all kinds of uncanny. When the sleek, slim device first arrived at my office, I took it around to several of my non-gamer colleagues to gauge their reaction, and to a person, they all lit up with the kind of giddy fascination I imagine kids in the early 1980s felt when they stepped into their very first arcade. For the first five minutes, anyway.

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So the first of the 3D gaming devices has been released. Not gonna lie, this looks extremely cool. When I was a kid and I got my first Game Boy on Christmas probably in like 1998. I was a late bloomer and my first one was the Game Boy Color, I got the neon green one and my little brother got that see through purplish one. Needless to say those things were fuckin glued to our hands until the batteries died. Then we replaced the batteries and kept going. Pokemon Yellow version was the shit and you just couldn’t put it down. But look at what was so amazing back then for us. The screen was color!

Now this shit, Nintendo 3DS is fuckin glasses-free 3D technology in the palm of your hands. Its amazing that in only 13 years that a childs fascination can be seeing their handheld video games in color to having the video game in 3D popping out of the screen at you. This 3DS is incredible, it can acknowledge your surroundings and develop mini games based on the things around you. Absolutely boggles my mind. Thats the one thing I thought would really allow 3D technology to take off, the glasses free viewing. Until that happens for movies and television I really do not see it continuing to grow. It is clear they are close to developing it, but it has flaws right now. You have to keep the 3DS like 9-12 inches from your face for it to work effectively, and I’m sure the 2 screens make it easier for 3D to work too. Who knows, crazy shit is happening with technology and I would almost be tempted to pick up one of these things if I wasn’t broke as shit and it didn’t cost $250. What do you guys think of it? What game was your first Gameboy addiction?


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