Hockey Ref Needs to Toughen Up

(Yahoo Sports) Fri Apr 08 12:32am EDT Throwing sea creatures on the ice is a storied tradition in the NHL. We’ve had octopi in Detroit for decades. We’ve had a shark eating an octopus in San Jose. Nashville Predators fans have thrown catfish on the ice now and again for the last few seasons.

During Thursday night’s Vancouver Canucks home game against the Minnesota Wild, the tradition continued, as someone felt it necessary to throw a large salmon onto the rink.

That’s referee Frederick L’Ecuyer getting all creeped out by the dead fish, prompting this instant-classic line from the Wild booth: “Oh, just pick it up. It’s just a salmon, for cripe’s sake. You act like it’s poison. It’s just a salmon!”

So this is symbolic of … what, exactly? The Canucks always swimming upstream in the playoffs and eventually getting smoked?

Read the rest of the story and watch the video here.

Hockey is a tough game for tough people. Up until now, I have always thought that was true, and that included referees. I have seen plenty of games over the years where a ref has taken a puck, a high stick, or even a stray punch and just took it like a man. See picture below:

I loved the quote from the commentator when he said, ““Oh, just pick it up. It’s just a salmon, for cripe’s sake. You act like it’s poison. It’s just a salmon!” I couldn’t agree more, the ref skates circles around it and needs to use a towel to pick the thing up. I also love the factor that the announcer used the phrase “For cripe’s sake”, which is definitely an underused, underrated phrase that should be brought back. I love the tradition of throwing various items on the ice, from squid, to hats, to octopi, its always a funny thing to see and another great fan tradition that only hockey can pull off.

On another note, I wanna let you guys know about a great up and coming blog called Four Guys and a Mike, you can visit it by clicking here. One of their contributing writers did a great look at the NHL Eastern Conferences playoff race, and another contributing writer did a great recap of the spectacle that was Wrestlemania 27. Go over and check it out!


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3 thoughts on “Hockey Ref Needs to Toughen Up

  1. That is a friend of mine and he lost his left eye that day… He has to ref with only one eye.. I would appreciate it if you did not disrespect this picture..

    • Was not disrespecting your friend at all Brett. Said how tough he was, I was disrespecting the refs who were too afraid to pick up a fish. Read the post, don’t just make angry, accusatory comments when it’s not what we were saying at all.

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