Hot or Not? Rachel Evan Wood

This girl really confuses me. Like I don’t know much about her and in some pictures she looks gorgeous, like no question hot. Then in others, she looks awful, like the type of girl you don’t even want to make eye contact with. She’s been in a few movies I’ve seen, mainly Across the Universe and she played Randy “The Ram” ‘s daughter in The Wrestler, on top of a few appearances in True Blood. I didn’t know this until I began doing a little background research on her, but she has had an on again off again relationship with Marilyn Manson since 2006 and was “attacted to Manson’s frequent use of black eye liner”. Boom, there is strike one against her, maybe even strike one and two. What a weirdo. Like look at this picture:

That right there may be enough for me to vote on her and give her a NOT. What do you guys think, vote below and leave some feedback. I can’t look at that picture anymore, so that is all on Rachel Evan Wood. Oh, and I’m dropping the “Don’t Care” option in the poll, leads to some skewed results.


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