A ‘Female’ Indiana Jones? I don’t think so.

Not Indiana Jones

Stumbled across an article today called “Adventures of the ‘female Indiana Jones’“. I’m not sure why but it got me pretty fired up, like why compare some lady who goes on some adventures to one of the greatest and bravest movie characters of all time. Indiana Jones is a legend and his achievements should not be diminished to this lady Mireya Mayor. Here are some of her achievements: “She has discovered the world’s smallest primate in Madagascar, swum with unusually aggressive sharks in Mexico and chased after giraffes in Namibia.” I mean those are pretty cool and impressive feats, but compared to the trials and tribulations that Indy had to go through in his pursuit of the Holy Grail make those things look like childs play. The article would’ve been fine if it just gave a story about this adventurous woman, told some tales and left it at that, but they had to compare her to an immortal. Not gonna fly. Go chase some more giraffes lady.

You Know How I Know the Phillies are Gay?

Well its really only two aces and two ok pitchers.

Look at that shirt. That is a real shirt that they are selling. Good for you getting Lee and Halladay blah blah, but the “Phour Aces” has got to be one of the lamest shirts I have ever seen. Here at SITB we have three Yankee fans and one unfortuante Met fan who I’m not sure even wants to admit it at this point. But the one thing that brings us together is the fact that we all hate the Phillies. And in what world is Roy Oswalt  still an ace, the guys pushing 40 and probably wont make it though the season injury free. And also, in what world was Cole Hamels ever an ace. Give me some teams that would be happy saying that Cole Hamels is their #1 starter. Maybe a few, MAYBE, but the guy has been nothing but inconsistent since he played out of his mind in the 2008 World Series. Well whatever, we at SITB are all pumped baseball starts tomorrow and are kind of relishing in the fact that the Yankees are getting overlooked for the division and even in some cases the wild card. Go get em guys, looking forward to a fun chase for #28. And if any of our readers are Phillies fans, enjoy the season and I hope they choke and the Braves win the division. And if any of those Phillies fans are interested, HERE IS A LINK for one of those lame shirts.

This Snow is Fo’ REAL??

This is actually happening.

This just does not stop! As I’m leaving my apartment on my lunch break, enjoying the lovely weather we are having today, my upstairs neighbor informs me not to get used to it and that there is going to be snow and rain tomorrow…are you freakin kidding me? This weather has got to be a joke right? April is around the corner and theres gonna be another 6″-12″ snow storm, I got depressed that last snow storm but this one could put me over the edge, shits getting ridiculous. Check out the report HERE from weather.com. They said some shit about there being a combo of heavy winds and heavy, wet snow which could lead to power outages…sounds like the start of a great weekend. Cannot wait until I can move to somewhere where I don’t have to deal with this nonsense. Looking forward to cleaning off the car in the AM. Leave us some comments, am I complaining too much or is this snow seriously becoming the biggest pain in the ass that just wont stop?

Corruption in College Football and Basketball

So lately there has been a lot of shit coming out on the corruption in college sports, well pretty much only football and basketball, the only two programs that really make money for a school. I was listening to Colin Cowherd, even though he can be a little bit of a buffoon at times, and he read an email he received. It was something along the lines of this: “What gets taken down first? Kentucky’s Final 4 banner, or Auburns National Championship banner?” Honestly I do not know how to answer this question, because I really believe that both of these banners will be stripped from their universities. Whether it’s in 5 years or in 5 months, I would lean towards saying that neither of these feats will be recognized in the near future. Look at how long it took Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy away. The president of University of Kentucky came out and said in THIS ARTICLE that “This Banner won’t come down.” There is literally no way he can be this confident that no allegations will come out about Calipari and his shady recruiting for these guys. Think about it, Terrence Jones had a verbal commitment to University of Washington and there were  rumors that Brandon Knight was heavily leaning towards University of Florida. Then outta nowhere they both end up at Kentucky. I mean UK was in the running for both of them but it didnt look too likely…I guess only time will tell.

Cam and Cecil


Now onto Auburn and shady Cam and Cecil Newton. I don’t even want to talk about this anymore, I don’t think it could be clearer that he took money or demanded cash to play at schools. Whether it was him or his father, it doesn’t matter, there is no chance in hell that Cam didn’t know what was going on. There were rumors that he was asking for $200,000 from the schools courting him, but Mississippi State got a discounted offer of $180,000 because Cam liked coach Dan Mullen. That can’t be made up can it. This guy his championship and his Heisman are gone in 5 years MAX. If you disagree with me, then you’re a serious optimist. I think Auburn’s Championship and Newton’s Heisman are gone sooner than Kentucky’s but I’m thinking both are eventually stripped. Vote on this one readers and leave some comments we’re curious to hear the opinions of you clowns.

P.S. Side note, check out Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO tonight (if you are lucky enough to have the premium network), they are having a solid panel discussing college sports and if athletes should get paid etc.

300 Pound Ray Flies Through Air into Woman, Woman Gets up Unscathed


So being the worldly person that I am, during my morning run through on CNN.com to see how fucked up the world is I saw a story that caught my eye. I probably should’ve been looking at real news, like the radiation issues and the earthquake/tsunami or the attacks on Libya etc. etc. but no the first story I click on was headlined ” Ray slams woman on boat in Florida Keys”. Now that my friends is news. But seriously I feel no sympathy for this clown, she deserves what she got. So here’s the rundown her and her family (husband and three kids) went on a boat in the Florida Keys to take pictures of these Eagle Rays that jump out of the water during mating season or something. So she’s just cruising along and BAM fuckin ray slams right into her and pins her ass down on the boat. Honestly, what did you expect to happen lady? Horny 300 pound rays flying through the air and you expect not to get hit? All for some pictures? Go to an aquarium you loser! apparently God felt bad for her because apparently after being struck by this 8 foot long ray and being crushed for several minutes, she got up without a scratch on her body? Whats that all about?? The thing had a fuckin 10 foot long tail! And the icing on the cake, these idiots kept going on the cruise to get more pictures and to prove to their three children and I quote ” in hopes that the incident wouldn’t make them afraid of the water.” I wish another pack of rays struck all 5 of them and broke their collarbones, people are so stupid. Check out the full CNN story HERE and let us know what you think in the comments.

James, Wade, Bosh Unveil New Rules for Basketball

The Sports Dome

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the show on Comedy Central called the Onion Sports Dome. Basically the guys over at the Onion have a pun on ESPN and more specifically SportsCenter. It was on the same night as Tosh.0 and believe it or not my mom told me about this show thinking we’d be interested. So maybe a month or two ago we checked it out and it was a pretty funny show at times, and at other times was pretty forced. The following segment had all of us in tears. It was outrageous and if you’re a basketball fan and hate LeBron and the Heat than you will get a kick out of this segment. It’s all about how the three fag’s on the Heat created their own rules for basketball to make it more fun. Check the video out HERE Leave comments and let us know what you think. The show is on Tuesday nights on Comedy Central if you like the clip check it out.

Good Blog to Check Out

This guy used WorkHardPayHard.com

Now I know we have TONS of loyal readers here on SITB, so I figured I’d pass on a great blog to you guys, especially for those of you still enjoying your college years. Its called WorkHardPayHard.com and it’s a creative blog that gives students struggling for money some cool and unique ideas to pick up a little cash on the side. Most of them are pretty outside the box and you’ll get a kick out of them. It’s written by a friend of SITB so you know its gotta be straight GOLD. Do yourselves a favor and check it out and share it with all of your friends at other schools! Leave some comments about what you think about the site, our site, and pretty much anything you want we like hearing from you guys.