Just wanted to say whatsup to everyone.  As Rob “Money” Mayers has already tweeted, facebooked, and blogged about.  I will be bringing my talents to the Somewhere In The Between Blog.

For those of you (the 4 people who probably read this blog right now, if that many) who don’t know me.  I work in sales for a company that manufactures sports novelties and collectibles.  One of my various responsibilities is responding to all emails sent to the company via the website.  While this sounds like a miserable responsibility, it sometimes does give me new customers, which is cool because that is a big way for me to grow my business.  But anyways, last year we were a big manufacturer of the “silly bandz” for sports…take a look at one of the truly amazing emails that I received from a disgruntled consumer.

Message: Hi,

 “Sorry to start your day off with a complaint, but I’m compelled to write.  My son, an 8-year old, was excited to use his gift card yesterday.  He wanted to buy silly bands, those rubber bracelets that seems to be the new craze.  He decided to buy the “NFL Logo Bandz”. He had previously bought Looney Tunes which were perfectly fine.  The NFL bandz are the worse bands ever!  They are so small that they’re cutting off his circulation.  At first I thought he had layered them, and then he showed me.  This is a dangerous product.  I know…you’re probably thinking “fat boy”.  But actually my son is of average size.  He’s not overweight or a mini monster.  He plays soccer and baseball concurrently.  He’s just a regular-sized kid. So, not only did he purchase a harmful product, he totally wasted his money and is bummed that I won’t let him wear his new purchase.  I am trying to stretch them out on a Coke can.  I don’t have the receipt, so I can’t try and return them.  All I have is the empty package.  Open one for yourself and see.  Very disappointing. I expected more from a product with the NFL logo on it.  Shame on you for disappointing little boys everywhere.”

Now I could go on for days commenting about how ridiculous this person is.   I mean lets be serious ” trying to stretch them out on a Coke can”.  Cmon!! “disappointing little boys everywhere.”  some of this shit is just laughable.  Who actually takes time out of their day to send this email?  Were not talking about a Toyota with non-functioning breaks here.  We are talking about a product that costs $4.99 at retail and is being made 1,000,000 pieces at a time by people who speak no english at all.  Don’t get me wrong, some of these bandz are tight on me….but this email only scratches the surface of some of the ridiculous messages I get. 

Thats all I have for now, how you enjoyed my first post, there will be many more to come.  Hopefully I can live up to the hype that “Money” Mayers has given me.

Time to get back to the grind. But before I go, take a look at my awesome office. If anyone can name more than 30 bobbles in the photo, I’ll give you a free bobble

-Abramo, Out!

About PhilMMCritics

3 pals (Phil S., Rob M., Mark M.) who all find irrational amounts of enjoyment from everything related to the movies. Hell, we even love the Fathom Events trailers. Come to our site for assortments of movie posts, podcasts and our original series “Drive Home Reviews”.

4 thoughts on “WUDDUPP!

  1. 1. Mr.Met
    2. Geogia Tech Mascot Buzz
    3.Barry Bonds
    4.Bob Sanders
    5.Tro Polomalu
    6. Jared Allen
    7.The Hulk
    8.The Nebraska Mascot Dude
    9.Joey Votto
    10. Chris Johnson
    11. Milwaukee Sausage Guy
    12.Danny Woodhead
    13.Kevin Durant
    14.Ryan Braun
    15. Jonathon Toews
    16. Duncan Keith
    17.Carlos Gonzalez
    18. Ubaldo
    19.Ken Griffey Jr.
    20.Broncos Nutcracker
    21.Joe Thomas
    22. Arm Less Brett Farve
    23. Batman
    24.Peter Griffin
    25.Philly Phantic
    26.Ohio States Brutus
    27.The Kansas Jayhawk
    28. Sparky the Sundevil-A state
    29.George Washington
    30. Abraham Lincoln


    I would like my free bobble head now.

    -Rob C.

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