Bronx Zoo Cobra Now Tweeting

The Infamous Cobra

This may be old news by now but if you haven’t heard about it or checked it out there is a great fake Twitter account for the still missing Bronx Zoo Cobra. You can check out the page HERE or just search on Twitter @BronxZoosCobra. It’s got almost 200,000 followers already and it posts some pretty hilarious stuff. Leave some comments on your favorite ones. And also, can anyone confirm or deny a rumor that the snake was stolen and the thief plans to release it at Yankee Stadium today? Sounds like the plot of a movie John Voight or Val Kilmer could star in as the villains with a badass Keanu Reeves as the hero to take on the cobra before it is unleashed on the thousands of unsuspecting fans. I’d see that movie.

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3 pals (Phil S., Rob M., Mark M.) who all find irrational amounts of enjoyment from everything related to the movies. Hell, we even love the Fathom Events trailers. Come to our site for assortments of movie posts, podcasts and our original series “Drive Home Reviews”.

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