A New Chapter in SITB: The Abramo Years

Dom Abramo seen here in the 2008-09 Prospect Year

Well, things needed to get shaken up a bit. Things were slow, we need some more readers, views, fans etc. For these reasons we have decided to add a new member to the SITB team. Dom Abramo brings a versatilty and wit that is unmatched by others. Say what you want about the guy, but it is clear that he will help bring SITB to new heights. He has high hopes and only yesterday promised 100 new readers by next week. That being said we have lofty expectations of the guy, but he does bring a diverse new distribution channel which should help. That being said, we extend a warm welcome to Dominick James Abramo.

About PhilMMCritics

3 pals (Phil S., Rob M., Mark M.) who all find irrational amounts of enjoyment from everything related to the movies. Hell, we even love the Fathom Events trailers. Come to our site for assortments of movie posts, podcasts and our original series “Drive Home Reviews”.

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