Some Wacky Pictures of a “Creature”

I have no idea what the hell to think of these pictures. Is this thing real? Is it altered? Did all of these people reallllllyyyy stage these photos to make it look realistic? I have no idea about any of those questions but this thing looks real as shit! What the hell is it?? Imagine getting out of your car at the end of a long tiring day at work and seeing one of those things scurry out of the bushes in front of your house? I would flip a shit. Check out the pictures and see for yourself and let us know if you think this thing is real. And if it is real what do you call it??

What are you?

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3 pals (Phil S., Rob M., Mark M.) who all find irrational amounts of enjoyment from everything related to the movies. Hell, we even love the Fathom Events trailers. Come to our site for assortments of movie posts, podcasts and our original series “Drive Home Reviews”.

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